March 10, 2009

Finally, Becoming a Nurse

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My friend, Buffy, asked me how school was going when I visited her at the hospital on Monday. She had a beautiful baby girl and both are doing well. I met the ecstatic biological parents who were staying in the room next to Buffy, and I got a peek at baby Ava as she slept in her mother's arms.

Yes, I was pleased to report to Buffy that school is gaining strength and moving forward at a very fast pace. Finally, we are off the med carts at the nursing home and, after an hour or so of the backbreaking vital sign taking, we got to review charts, assess patients, work on care plans and learn about the many kinds of arrhythmia's of the heart!

Our classroom instructor showed us some great Youtube sites where we can learn and interact with the video of EKG's and interpretations of the heartbeats on the EKG strips. I'm anxious to go back to the websites and learn more! I already know some basics, but we are starting from the beginning in class.

A very good link is HERE for anyone who might like to see what we do in class. (Music is a big part of it.) It might sound boring if you aren't trying to actually understand it. LOL

For tonight, I have lots to get ready for school in the morning so will close for now.

Hope everyone is keeping strong and being positive in life.

Take Care on the Journey,


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