April 15, 2009

Mom, There's a Shooter and We're In Lockdown...

Imagine hearing this voice message on your phone from your son...

"Mom, there's a shooter and we're in lock down. We're in a little office...Looking for news about what's going on..."

Good thing I got this message AFTER the all-clear call from oldest son in Portland, Oregon.

He knows my ear is always to the ground (except when I'm in class and can't keep my phone on) and alert to the major activities of the nation and world. In this case, the "shooter' was a depressed person who never did shoot anyone at the college where my son teaches Spanish, but for about 45 minutes 'oldest son' was in a bit of a 'situation' locked in a hot office with about 10 other somewhat nervous people.

I believe this was a wake-up call for several people, and the incident caused my teacher-son to consider what actions he would take if this type of situation occurred while he was actually teaching - And what situation I might be in as a first-responder should something like this happen where I'm working as a nurse. Finally, it's good to be able to look back with relief that everything worked out well. We don't believe anything bad happened to the person who started this either.

IN other news...I did very good in my tests last week. Much better than I had anticipated, in fact. I only missed one question on the A&P test. (Yes, the dreaded A&P test!) Whew!

The two days a week at the nursing home are no fun for me. (Tuesdays and Thursdays) We're aren't challenged, and the day drags so slowly! It's always extremely HOT in there, and my back always hurts no matter what the assignment. For the record, the instructor is very nice and I will miss her a lot when we leave in 4 weeks.

The GOOD news is that we've reserved our Smoky Mountain Cabin at Westgate Resorts near Gatlinburg, TN for the week's break in September! My sister and husband plan to join us AND perhaps oldest son and his girlfriend. Maybe even youngest son, but we don't know his schedule yet. Anyway, this is all 'breaking news', so will update more later. Already, my sister and I are very excited about this gettogether as we haven't done something fun like this in many, many years. Yippee!!!!!

In the meantime, we have some taxes to get in the mail tonight and I have to get my uniform ready for in the morning.

By the way, hubby says he listened to the YouTube of Susan Boyle singing three times today, and this is probably the first YouTube he's ever watched!!!!

Check it out the news story HERE or listen to the YouTube HERE. It's a shockingly wonderful story! I have to say, it brought tears to my eyes.

(photo The Vancouver Sun)
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