April 24, 2009

My Apple iPhone Wish

If I could whisper something in Santa's ear, this Apple iPhone request would be on it's way to the North Pole in an Internet instant!!

Oh boy, would I love to have this 3G iPhone.

We stopped by the store today to discuss my latest technology 'must have', and I got to play with someone else's techno toy with all its magical whistles and bells.

But alas, the only accomplishment at the store was to remove Internet service altogether from my current phone. I've been paying $15 extra a month for service that never works on my cell phone anyway (even though they told me it would when I got it!).

I had to growl just a little bit when the salesman informed me that I'm not eligible for an "upgrade' until December 2009! That's because my phone QUIT working last April and I was FORCED to upgrade in order to have any phone at all. How much sense that does that make? Or cents, for that matter, either?

My fellow classmates in nursing school whip out their iPhones or Blackberry's anytime we need information. They are so neat in how one can access most anything in an instant! WebMD, medical terminology, medication look-ups, Google, (not to mention sneaking a peak at email).

I looked online for Apple iPhones later today and see where I could get a refurbished one for $99 but would have to pay the $30 for the Internet service, plus at least $40 for minutes each month, above and beyond what I'm already doing for our current cell phones (that don't even do Internet).

So, with a bit of sadness but feeling like I'm doing the right thing, I've decided to use good "cent-sable" judgement and forgo my craving for this delicate but intricate machine that would make my life so much more fun and engaging.

I write this so anyone who thinks I'm a wuss for eating dark chocolate and drinking cold diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast will now know that sometimes I do use my better judgement and am capable of saying "no' once in a while.

I feel better knowing that a couple of you feel just a tad bit sorry for me. ha ha

Next time you feel sad because you really can't afford something you really, really WANT, think of my silver-black iPhone still sitting on the shelf at the store.

Take Care on the Journey,

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