May 7, 2009

Joshua's Angels Disguised As “Housedogs”

I'm very, very thankful that I got a phone call at 5:30 a.m. today informing me that clinicals were delayed to thick fog in Columbus, Ohio.

Not that I could enjoy an extra hour of welcome sleep (which I did try unsuccessfully), but I caught something on The Early Show (CBS) that made a very deep impression on me!

It was an interview with the man who found little Joshua Childers yesterday afternoon. He said he had gone into the woods not in the search area to look for the child, but he had started home because he was tired when the saw some "house dogs that looked like they didn't belong in the woods".

The posted article puts it this way, "Halpin had wandered away from his search party because he said he was tired, and saw some dogs in the woods, wondered why they were there, and followed them."

But what I heard this morning was that the dogs were "house dogs" that didn't look like they belonged in the woods, so he followed the dogs, and they led him to the child. (Another news report calls the dogs 'wild dogs', but I heard the original interview, and the man who found Joshua called them "house dogs that didn't belong in the woods". After living there in the area for many years, I can assure you that the men of that part of the country know the difference between wild dogs, coon dogs, hunting dogs and house dogs! They also know the difference between wild bear, wild cats and wild wolves.)

I'm somewhat saddened that today I didn't find very many people who seemed as impressed as I was by the "house dogs" in the woods. (Except my sister and my hubby who always trust me when I tell them my experiences with and belief in angels.)

I'm thankful for the opportunity to give thanks, once again, for the 'angels among us" who watch over and protect us for reasons we may never know.

I told you yesterday (on this blog) that I believed that Joshua's angels were protecting him. Now I can show you living proof that miracles do happen no matter what form our angels must take to do their job.

Take Care on the Journey,
(Surrounded by your anges)


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