May 3, 2009

Swine (H1N1) Flu and Me

(Flickr photo) I got this picture in a rare 'forward' from my hubby captioned, "So this is how it started!"

I think the picture is worse than the current outbreak of the "Swine Flu". (Although I still want my kids to call me if they are feeling badly.)

News reports are starting to show some concern about the "hysteria" over the H1N1 flu, and everybody who gets a sore throat or fever going to the emergency room asking if they are going to die.

Actually, I don't blame people for being fearful of getting the "Swine flu", but I feel satisfied with present information, that this isn't going to be nearly as bad as getting the "real" flu. Sure, a LOT of people will get it, but the difference between both types of flu are almost impossible to tell without testing. Same symptoms basically.

I've told my family that I would rather get it now while its in the mild form, because I expect some strain of this flu to return in the fall in a more severe state. We're planning a Tennessee family reunion in September, so I'd be more concerned about someone getting sick then!

I'm keeping up with official sources by getting updates from the CDC every day. Even reading between the lines, I see no cause for ALARM. I'm not worried about being a nurse or working in the nursing home or going to class. I do get frustrated at people who ARE sick and come to school and work. That's wrong.

So, do make sure you wash your hands more often than usual and keep a bottle of Purell handy. If you get a slight sore throat or feel washed out, give yourself (and others) a break and sleep in a little. Do all the things you know do to keep healthy.

That's my advice and I'm sticking to it. (Smile)

Take Care on the Journey,



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