July 14, 2009

When All Else Fails....

...Go Shopping!

By the time you read this, I will have taken the dreaded Microbiology lab test and may have one more test to go for the day.
Because I've never taken a class that involved a lab, I've never used a microscope, or cultured a bacteria, or looked at a rod, or done positive staining, or known the difference between a positive stain and a negative stain, Or the difference between a gram-negative organism and a gram-positive organism.
I do know that a desmid is two-sided, and a Spirogyra looks like long strips with lines in them. (Also, used to be the name of a band, but that's not what this is.)
Anyway, I digress.
We're also having a big test on Wednesday (tomorrow) over 10 chapters in our nursing textbook. For those of us who counted the pages, that's 270 pages of different ways a baby can be born! I hope the most important thing I need to remember is that ROA or LOA are two preferred positions for the baby to pop out.
Actually, it all felt so overwhelming after school today, that I dropped the books on the floor and went shopping!
Just a quick little trip to the grocery store, but it was such a positively great rush to see the price drop from over $70 to $30 as it rang down with each coupon and store discount.
Of course, the trip was planned! I had a little list sticking out of my purse with the grocery items I wanted to buy - on sale and with coupons.
Lipton tea = 13 cents a box (for Denise)
Hamburger Helper = 50 cents a box
Quaker Granola bars - $1.00 a box
Keebler Cookies - $1.50 each (for Jim and John)
Cantaloupe = $1.25 each
Mentos - Free
There's more, but it's time to pick up the books again.
Hubby is asleep. The dog is outside barking. Books are calling!
Hey, many of my coupons will expire on July 31, so if you know of any or see any in the Sunday paper that you'd like more of, please let me know.
Run outside tonight (if it's not raining), and look up at the sky. See all those stars? I think I have more coupons than there are stars in the sky!
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Sweet dreams,

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