August 31, 2009

License Renewal Time

Time has breezed in quickly with birthday greetings again! I've renewed the car registrations only two days before my birthday anniversary, so the renewal stickers won't be here on time. But, like most everything else in life, if I don't make a big deal about it, others may not either. (The birthday and the late registration on September 3.)

The big research papers are done for school. (This term.) (Thanks for your superb help, Jim.) One major test is done. Others won't be for a couple days, so I'm breathing s sigh of relief and planning to sleep in just a little in the morning.

By the 'skin of my teeth', I passed the last microbiology quiz and hope to make the grade on the one last final that only covers four chapters instead of being comprehensive. My Microbiology professor says I'm "doing well" in that class. So, I'm trusting him that he knows the numbers!

My sister and I phone each other every day (and sometimes more) discussing the auspicious, exciting plans for our mini-family reunion in Tennessee starting in a couple weeks! Our families are sharing a cabin in the Smokey Mountains for a week. Both of us have a dog, so that may be our biggest challenge. Her little dog, Star, needs assurances that our big dog, Sheba, won't take her food dish. And Sheba needs to know that Star won't take her for a cat to play with. (Star comes from a family of cats, and they love to 'play". ha ha.)

We've already decided we aren't going to spend our days in the kitchen, and shopping is near the top of the list of fun things to do! Of course, we each have our little "stash" of cash that no one else knows about for our little vacation fun!

Since my last birthday, I've almost completed the RN program (four months to go!) and have enjoyed every challenge along the way! At the least, I know that I can physically and mentally accomplish this goal. I will never again wonder if I was 'smart enough"! I have been able to keep up with those who are 30-years younger than myself who have just finished high school chemistry, modern English and and microbiology!

While on vacation, I will officially celebrate my birthday surrounded by my two sons whom I haven't seen in many months due to the distance (Oregon and S. Carolina) and work (teaching) schedules. A tiny part of me hates that my boys will see a mother who is getting older and slightly slower, but I know they will see the "mom" who is always there in love for each one! My little sister, Sandy and our spouses will help mark this passage of time in a delightful, fun day!

During this last year, several of my dearest friends have lost jobs and run into poor health. My heart and prayers go out to them. Several members of our nursing class have experienced family health crisis and financial hardship since we started. Some have had to drop out. At least one will be dropping out after this term to help with an unexpected family illness. It makes me feel very thankful for good health and continued work opportunity for hubby.

I've made some new friends at school who are now a part of the meso part of my life. We have a new page on Facebook called "Bohecker RN January 2010". I just created that page and haven't informed the classmates yet, but hope to get everyone informed before break. This way maybe we can all keep in touch after graduation.

Happy car-tag renewal day - and many more to come!

Take Care on the Journey,


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