November 21, 2009

Cat Has a New Home. Needs a New Name.

We ought to call him "Yellow Eyes".

At our appointed time today, we arrived to check out "Mr. Puss". When we went into the living room and were introduced, he rolled over onto his back as if to say, "Hey, make yourself at home. I am!"

After getting all the essential vet information, type of cat food and kitty litter he's used to, and petting the dog of the house, my classmate brought out the cat carrier. Mr. Puss is a True Blue American Cat because he made a mad dash under the table when the saw the cat carrier...And he meowed very, very loudly all the way to his new home.

We opened the carrier in the bedroom so he could run under the bed - which is exactly what he did. At first he came out to chase the laser light and play with his new catnip toy, but now he realizes that things are different and has retreated to the quiet darkness and safety under the bed. We'll leave him in peace while he gets used to the environment of our home.

In the meantime, we've eliminated a few names that just don't seem to fit him. We're mulling over Ceasar. But, we'd appreciate any suggestions. As Billy says, "We'll see how it fits after a couple of days."

Take Care on the Journey,


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