November 22, 2009

Shaky Start for Sir Ceasar

Sir Ceasar 11-22-09

Last night was very noisy and uncomfortable at our house. Our new cat was very upset and terribly lonely for his old home! He didn't just meow, he YEOWLED! So loud was his awful, long, drown-out howls, that I was afraid the neighbors would be frightened out of their beds!
He attacked the windows with a vengeance. He jumped up on the bed and howled in our faces, then jumped back down as we reached out for him. At one point, he actually took a pee ON MY SIDE OF THE BED. One has to be a die-hard, dedicated cat-lover to not toss him out on his nose for that one! We had to strip the entire bedding and pad the mattress with towels. Not a happy time for any of us.

Finally, about 4 a.m., I went out to the car and got his cat carrier from the trunk. As I entered the house again, he dashed out!
I think the cold frost on the grass scared him, and I took that instant to grab him by the back of the neck and run back inside the house!
Whew, That was close!

I put him in the carrier and sat it on the floor in the back room. I closed that door. I turned on the furnace fan and then closed our bedroom door. (How mean is that?) Anyway, when I came back for him about 8 a.m., he was warm, cozy and fast asleep.

Later, after a good little breakfast, he used the kitty box and explored the house without the terrible yeowling. He quickly stretched out on the sunlight on the living room floor and took a nap.

This afternoon, when we returned from the store, he was sitting on a little table in front of the window watching the world go by. So far tonight, he's settled into several favorite spots where he watches what's going on. Once in a while he'll jump up beside us and talk a little.

Most of all, he says that he likes the new name of Sir Ceasar. He comes running every time I call. "Here Ceasar. Here Ceasar". He says that Mr. Jim will have to stop calling him a 'she' before HE will respond to his call.

We hope to have a more quiet night tonight. At least we have all freshly washed sheets, blankets, and bedspread on the bed! Thank goodness for the laundry mat!

Take Care on the Journey,


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mom going green said...

I hope Cesar is sleeping better. Greg said you will be graduating very soon, I'm so excited!