April 26, 2010

Better Than the Duggar's

Mama "Duggar" Duck
(Linda Meikle photos)

Is our New Albany Mama Duck trying to compete with the TV Reality Show, "The Duggars"?The Duggars have a family with 19 children? (HERE)

We've been watching a nest near the pond where we live, and today Mama Duck brought her new brood of 13 baby chicks to our patio for a real live show and first meal for the family!

Sir Ceasar has gotten quite chummy with Daddy Duck as he comes over for several snacks a day and snuggles up to the window next to his reflection - or cozy with the cat! We've taken a series of photos of the daily event and it gives us a real hoot to see them interact together!

But, this evening as we sat down for dinner, we noticed Sir Ceasar more animated than usual at the window and was shocked to see all the babies running around the patio with Mama Duck! They were pecking up the cracked corn like they were starving!!!

Enjoy the photos that really tell the story:
I believe you can click on the photos for a close-up view.

In this last photo, Mama Duck came all the way around to the front door as they hurried back to the pond after their evening meal. I opened the front door a crack and stuck out the camera to catch one more photo!

More 'baby photos" later,

Take Care on the Journey,
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The Cat's Meow said...

How cute!!! She has Lucky-13 but when they get bigger there's go'na be lots of poopin' LOL

Linda Meikle said...

There already was - I just airbrushed it out from off the sidewalk. ha ha