April 2, 2010

Felicidademi / Congratulations! - Billy Cash

First, Don't miss the K-Mart posting over at my coupon blog HERE or http://goldencoupons.blogspot.com/

Many of you are looking forward to a busy Easter weekend - or a very quiet one while others celebrate. I'll be waiting at the doors of K-mart for the double coupon special. I hope it's worth it!

My good friend, Neil, (who doesn't have a computer to know when I'm writing about him) has been busy in his SDA church conducting a Passion Week service twice a day. He sounded optimistic about it when we talked Sunday even though only seven people attended the first service. He lives in WI and called to congratulate me on getting my R.N.

My son, Billy, is very happy about winning a prize campaign ribbon from armorama.com.

http://www.armorama.com is the largest community of Armor/AFW modelers on the Internet.

Billy has almost 150 photos of his models on his flicker account
HERE. I'm still checking out all the photos of his intricate and astonishing detailed work. If you have any trouble finding his work and have Facebook, he has an acccount there.

My son also has a day job. He is a Spanish Professor!!!

Way to go Billy. Keep up the great work!

I believe in Spanish, we would say "felicidademi Billy"!
(I sure hope that's right. I researched it a long time on the Internet!)

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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