April 18, 2010

Have No Fear, A Redcoat is Here!

"I'm a Redcoat, can you tell me where Neurosurgery is?"

I was standing at the nurses station on the 10th floor of the building I had been assigned to as a Redcoat last Tuesday. My whole body was trembling with nervousness! I was so worried about being in the wrong place on my first day that I felt a little sick to my stomach.

If you don't know what a Redcoat is, you might not be associated with Ohio State University.

The entire OSU medical complex will have changed from paper charts to e-charting within the next year or so. They've been slowly changing over with several locations "going live" every few months over the last couple years.

Redcoats are medical professionals who've had training in the new program called, Epic. We are there to answer questions and assist everyone as they 'go-live' with the new computer program.

It's a massive, very expensive project that has many medical professionals anxious, resentful, uptight, alarmed, worried, distressed, reluctant, and even hostile! Doctors are hiding from it., or simply saying they aren't going to change! (Oh yes. They will.) Medical assistants are locking their doors. Physician Assistants (PA's) are nervous. Fellows worry about their jobs. Nurses know it's not a choice! Some old-timers are crying!

Most people do not enjoy change. And, this is a biggie for those who have to use it and for those who are trained to teach others to use it.

Last week was my first week to be a Certified Trainer in Epic or otherwise known as a "Redcoat".

Being certified is only the first step in being trained in Epic. Other people are actually more experienced, higher-level, better trained, professionals in Epic. But, most people who need our help don't know that. A Redcoat is a Redcoat!!!

While I didn't know where my unit was located, or even if I would be able to answer one question, when the nurse heard me say I was a Redcoat, she smiled real big and said, "Right through those double doors. Go give them hell!"

We are welcomed with open arms by the simple red jacket or lab coat that we wear! Everyone knows that if the computer doesn't respond to their command, or of they don't have a clue what command to give the computer, all they have to do is yell "REDCOAT" and help is only a red blur away.

I'm not full-time, nor am I an actual employee of OSU. I'm a contract employee through an agency that OSU uses to get the job done.

But, I do love this job!!! Not that I didn't make mistakes last week. (Nothing un-fixable!) Nor will I always know the answer to every question. But, we are a great team of Redcoats who are always happy to come to the rescue for each other.

I shadowed a trainer who's been doing this for three years, and she was the greatest!!!! She taught me a million 'work-arounds" as they say in Internet Technology (IT), and she made me look like I was a lot smarter than I was. Next week I'll be in a different building with other trainers, but I'm confident I will do a great job.

In the meantime, I'm exhausted. I have a sore throat, a bad cough, my right eye is bothering me again, and I have an infected toe from an ingrown nail that was confined in tight shoes for too many hours last week.

(Actually, the toe is much better after a treatment of Melaleuca Oil.)

As Redcoats, we have to stand in the hallway if we aren't helping someone. This is so if someone needs help, all they have to do is open their office door and look for a Redcoat. As people get more used to the program, and we are there more for 'standby', I think I won't have to be on my feet every minute.

I was going to write a lot more about other things like this cold weather that forces us to bring in my tender plants every night, and Grandpa Cash's three-day visit last week. But I'm too tired and feel like it's way past my bedtime.

Just so you know, I love my new job! And, grandpa had a wonderful time.

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