August 29, 2010

The Golden Singer

(Linda Meikle photos)
Hubby checks out where we are on the trail at Golden Gate Canyon State Park near Denver.

I love the last photos I posted here on my blog about our jaunt down Highway 119 near Denver, so much so that I'm hesitant to post the new ones we took yesterday during our venture to Golden Canyon State Park near Denver. But, all tell the story of our ventures in Colorado!

I saw Golden Canyon listed on a map we obtained, and off we went following the trail on my iPhone. After winding, and winding, and winding, up and up and up, we found a small sign indicating we were at the park. (I pulled over and took pictures along the way.)

At the park, there was a small road that circled through the state park with frequent pull-offs for picnics or taking a walking trail through the forest. We were somewhat disappointed that we didn't see one wild animal, but we did have one small encounter with an interesting person.

I call him the "Golden Singer". (Because he was singing at the Golden Park.)

As one stop, the Park Rangers pulled up and asked if we had paid our "fee". We said we didn't know anything about a park fee! They actually 'escorted' us to the small bright orange pipe-like thing where we were suppose to fill out a card and insert $6 into a little slot. (We did this without complaining, but I'm glad we had $6 on cash on us!)

As we followed the rangers to the 'pipe", they also pulled over to talk to a man in a truck who didn't have a sticker on his front windshield. This man wore a sleeveless biking shirt and had a long knife hanging from his waist. I held my breath while they told him to follow them like they were doing with us, but all I heard from the man was, "God Bless you" as he hurried to comply.

At the "payment corner" of the roadway, the biker man asked if he could borrow a pen as he filled out his card to make his payment. He told us he was making a 'nature music video" for his website.

You can imagine that peaked my interest, and I started chatting and asking him questions! (With a few sideways glances from hubby.) A few minutes later, we both pulled over at the same scenic photo-moment place, and the Golden Singer set up his little camera on the back of his pickup, turned on the music in his cab, and started singing and dancing!!!!

I took some photos of him (the wedding photographer in me always close by!), and we exchanged business cards. I told Golden Singer I'd email him his pictures. (Assuming he wanted them...) He seemed very polite, pleasant, and happy for the attention. (Hubby, on the other hand, was very happy to get going.)

So, last night I got an email from Golden Singer. (I still didn't know his name.) He said he was glad to met hubby and me at the park, and that he is an ordained minister and his goal in life is to save souls.

Some will laugh. Some will say I'm foolish. Some will tell me to watch my back. A few might believe this man. That's all okay. I'm just telling my little story here.

Golden Singer also tells me (in his email) that he has published a book with AuthorHouse. What a surprise. My same publisher! I went to my author website at AuthorHosue and found the book he mentioned. All you can see there is the first page that is a nice poem about God. (No surprise.) It's an e-book, I think. But, it's there like he said.

I tried to attach and email the photos I took of him, but my file was too large and, by then, it was late last night, and I was too tired to try again.

In the meantime, I'll post a photo of Golden Singer making his nature music video that does not show his face as I didn't get his permission - although he was on public property), and some photos of our drive yesterday. (The nature photos are on Facebook, but not all of you use Facebook.)
I'm always pleased to find someone who does not mind being honest and true to his or her faith! That is such a rare thing these days!

Take Care on the Journey,
And may it always be a safe one!

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