September 12, 2010

Red Rocks and Red Rocks Grill in Morrison, CO

We drove through this opening to enter Red Rocks. They were preparing for a concert later in the evening, so we didn't get into the best area for pictures.

After a very long and exhausting first week at my new RN job, I thought I'd stay in bed for the next three days, but we were so happy that my Columbus friend and former psych instructor, Dorothy, was in town that we jumped out of bed early Saturday morning for a day at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. (Too bad my phone was on work-vibrate and she had to wait three hours for me to return her calls!!! So sorry, Dorothy!) These are my photos from Red Rocks and later, an interesting lunch at Red Rock Grill where they were having a 9/11 fundraiser. The place was packed with bikers!

Red Rocks Grill/Top Hat Man pulls out his rabbit for the photo.

(photo permission granted/Linda Meikle photos)

Linda, Dorothy, and Jim at Red Rocks near Morrison, CO.

All 55 photos are posted on my Facebook page, but I know that not all who read this blog have a FB account.
Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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