September 20, 2010

There Shines Light...

(Linda Meikle photo)

My life is so different here in Colorado, I can hardly believe it's me anymore!

It's a challenge to be working full-time after several years of letting hubby bring home the 'bacon' (ok, vege Stripples) and my previous job as part-time or school all the time. I'm learning make my priorities very differently.

I actually feel a little rushed as I write this because I have so many 'things' I want to do on my one day off each week - one of them being today. Many times I can't fall asleep because I have so many new ideas rushing through my mind.

Those Chile miners trapped deep underground seem to haunt me before I fall asleep and at 3 a.m. While the news reports are that they have adjusted and aren't eating the rock walls that surround them to find a way out, I still get a panicky feeling when I think of them.

But, I love a quote from one of the miners.

He said, "Even in the deepest part of the earth, there shines light."

I hope any of you reading this, and finding yourself in a dark corner of the earth, you will remember that 'there shines light".

Everyone asks us, "How do you like Colorado?"

Well, first and foremost, we love Colorado because of so many things to DO that I love to DO.

The mountains thrill me every time I go outside and view those tall, majestic walls of fire and stone; dark green forest trees and gigantic old rocks; golden sunsets and misty sunrises; clear, rippling creeks and high-gliding birds.

Another great experience is the Colorado Prairie Dogs. I always go the 'long way' when I leave our home to see the open fields of Prairie Dogs scattering for the safety of their underground homes as I approach. But, there's always one faithful sentinel sitting at attention on his hind legs, whistling an alarm. "Danger. Danger. People Approaching!" Sooooo cute. I must take a half day to photograph them.

There's more, but I must move on and save more of my "joys' for another story.

Work: I finally found a job very close to home that I think fits me perfectly! I've heard that people have been let go for posting sensitive material on their Facebook or website, so I'm not going to say much about the particulars of my nursing experiences. If so, it will have to be in a private email. I surely don't want to lose that job. As always, one must really watch their back, both on the job and off... I will say that I'm REALLY looking forward to that first paycheck on the 22ed. It's been several months since either of us were working, and my one uniform needs replacing. lol

I honestly, absolutely, love the afternoon shift. No matter how hard I have to work, or how late I get off work, I can always sleep in!!!! No alarm clock for either of us right now.

I MISS my friends and family back in Ohio. Especially the little ones who continually beg "grandma" to came back to Ohio. I chat on Facebook with Zach and Cammi and try to keep up, but it's surely not the same as being able to give those hugs and kisses and saying, "I love you" face to face. We miss all our family and friends there. (I just started to name you one by one, but I'm afraid of leaving someone out..) (Edith, call me.)

Coupons: Believe it or not, but I can't seem to find time to collect, sort, find sales, and get to the store for all the free things and good deals I'm missing every day! I'm going to Plan B and delegating the shopping to hubby. He's already taking in a few coupons at a time to 'get the hang of it'. I'm teaching him the 'coupon secrets' like how to select a 'good cashier' and argue the point if they try to reject him. We will see how this goes. I can't believe my priorities have shifted so much, but I'm trying to have time for the meaningful things in life with the precious free time that I have.

Fun, fun, fun... Oh how I love to drive into the mountains and take pictures to share with all of you. We still have many 'trails' to travel and see new and wonderful places of nature.

For those who have been privileged with the information of the "Golden Mountain", you know I've discovered a new activity called Black Hawk. It's not a bird. ha ha

Challenges: Right now I'm learning to park the car in a straight line in the parking space. I know this sounds silly, but I'm not happy about sloppy parking, and it seems I just can't get that car lined up straight with the yellow or white lines. I open the car door after I've parked and look down to see a 'drunken driver' park. Hubby says it's in the 'back wheels', so maybe I'll get this down pat before my next posting here. Wish me well.

Oh yes, many of you know that Caesar (as in Julius Caesar) has his personal Facebook page now. (His name is often spelled wrong. Sorry.) Goodness knows I take way too much time posting updates and adding pictures, but he is already getting many friends, and he really enjoys looking at the comments. He's making some special feline connections there too. (Hey, Billy, please send Snapper to the site.)

Okay, it's my day off and we're off to the mountains in a little while. Today we hope to travel Highway 72 off off Highway 93. I hear they have seen elk, bears, foxes, wolves, and deer in the canyons there. Close enough for good pictures, I'm told. The person who told me saw some there yesterday.

And then on to the Golden Mountain for some afternoon fun and good food...

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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