November 4, 2010

2-Cents' Worth

Our New Kitty, Striker
Munchies for winter!
New snow on the far mountains
Here and There
More snow is coming soon

The Colorado Mountains that fill the western sky here in Denver, glow with the bright whiteness of fresh snow this morning.

Here in town, it's expected to be in the low 70's, and dry leaves crackle as you walk across green grass.
The early morning air is brisk as I'm sure it is in the Ohio valley where so many of our family and friends hurry to work and school.

I'm getting adjusted to a new work schedule of 32-hours on the weekend and off Monday-Friday. Every day seems to rush by, though. My mind set is, "Three more days until I work again. Two more days...Now only one more day, and it seems like I just did my marathon yesterday!"

If you follow me on Facebook, you've noticed our adventure this week of getting another cat. We thought Ceasar seemed lonely. Hope our hunch was right!!! I found a family on Craigslist who are expecting a baby and didn't want the cat in the house with a new baby. They are a young couple, and want to give 100% to their baby boy.

So, we got their kitty cat boy! I was thinking we'd get a female, but this one just kindof dropped in our lap. So far, "Striker" is still in hiding although Ceasar is doing is kitty-cat best to talk him out. So far so good. He's been fixed and they say he is rather shy, so we hope for the best. My hunches are usually right...

Have you noticed it's time to start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas? I'm trying to talk youngest son and his wife to drop in for a day or two at Christmas if they fly to California this year.

Hubby says, "What are we going to do for Thanksgiving this year?" No kids. No special dinner at Ohio's state park. This is something he's always done, so this Thanksgiving may be a bit sentimental for him. I'll think of something to remember our first Denver Thanksgiving! But, here it is already November 4.
Maybe I can do some magic with oldest son's Thanksgiving schedule...

But, about that Christmas budget...So far, I haven't seen one! ha ha

Well, that's today's news from the undecided election state. Locally, the voters followed the Denver Post selection of who and what to vote for. As many have said, "What difference does it make to get out and vote?" I know it seems that it's not worth it, but I call voting "My 2-cents' worth".
Enjoy the new photos. Have a restful, peaceful, beautiful, weekend.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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