February 3, 2011

Denver Hits -17 Degrees At Our House

Just for the record, it got all the way down to a bitterly cold -17 degrees. According to the local news, this was one degree shy of the record set back in 1997 of -18. As most of you know, anything below about 10 degrees all feels the same unless the wind is blowing.  We stayed inside and kept warm. Thankful that neither of us had to get out in the frigid weather for work.

We felt very sorry for the homeless and any furry critters out in the unbearable temperatures. Denver opened extra shelters, and the Red Cross helped those stuck at the bus station.

They say that Denver usually gets only one real cold spell during the winter, so if we've already been through that, maybe it's all uphill from here. :))

Unfortunately for us, something in the back of the washing machine froze up, and last night when I put a load of clothes in the washer, it all backwashed right back !!! A tub full of wash water flowing under all the surrounding walls of a two-bedroom apartment can cause a lot of damage and frustration.

Thankfully, our apartment maintenance acted very quickly, so we already have new carpet in place and a big (giant), noisy fan drying out the rest.  I just spent $20 and half the day at the laundromat washing all the towels and sheets we grabbed to initially soak up the soapy water. Whew!

It's snowing lightly outside right now, but that's suppose to stop tonight. Then warmer tomorrow. (Friday).

I'll download photos from the mountain snow and our latest geocaching soon.

Stay tuned...

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life

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