March 16, 2011

Sweet Lemon, No Tea

When ordering at our favorite Cracker Barrel the other day, I blurted out, "Sweet Lemon, No Tea" and didn't even realize my mistake until the server looked at me real funny, and hubby corrected the order to the usual, "Sweet Tea, No Lemon".

This whole week seems like a "Sweet Lemon, No Tea" time in my life.  My main 'props" ran into trouble in that my computer completely crashed, and the repair totally wiped out all my photos, writing articles, documents, links, and who knows what I had on there that ain't there anymore!

We're slowly reinstalling programs that I've completely taken for granted all these years.  Photoshop, iTunes, and other personal programs I've come to rely on for my personal writings and many blogs that I have created and keep updated.

I know I'll never recreate all the links I had in favorites for everything from my coupon blog, students loan links, and other favorite links I'll never get back.

But, inthemeantime, I need to dry my tears and move on.  This time, there's a little red 8 GB flash drive sticking out the side of my laptop reminding me to backup, backup, backup!!!

How we take that sweet tea for granted.  lol

We're watching the awful news from Japan and taking a few precautions ourselves. We really don't expect problems to cross the ocean and affect us, but we did go out for some extra water and that famous duct tape. 

I hope your day is going better, but if not, just order "sweet lemon, no tea", and bring a smile.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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