April 26, 2011

Denver Weather Report & Happy Birthday to Neil Hunt

It's till uncertain on most fronts.  A little rain, some splats of snow, brief spots of sunshine, and a chilly wind.

The same goes for the 'promotion' I was hoping for.  The director who could have made the decision says she hasn't made up her mind yet.  But, I do still have work for which I'm happy.

In meantime, I've accomplished very little, it seems. After the 32-hour weekend shift, I'm just too fuzzled (my word) to get motivated to pack or do much of anything else.  Hubby assures me that the three-mile trek will be much different than packing for a cross-country relocation move.  I hope so. Because not one thing has been packed yet! And, we 'move' in 10 days.

For the record, today is the birthday of our friend, Neil Hunt. He's been like family ever since I can remember. Although it's been about 10 years since we've seen him in person, we wish him a very happy, blessed, BIRTH day.

We're doing lots of pre-planning for our move.  Colors for the rooms. Placement of furniture. Anticipation of those hot spa baths anytime I want!!! A special guest room with their own closet and bathroom. Checking out the pool table downstairs. Organizing a kitchen with about 12 cupboards AND a pantry. A dryer that actually dries the clothes. A double garage. Little garden spaces all around the house. And, maybe even a mural on the dining room wall.  I simply can't wait.

The previous owner, Linda, has been very sweet to welcome us to our new home.

Our first guest will be son John, from Ohio. He's coming for a week in May.

Then, my little sister, Sandy, will be here for a week in June. We have plans for a girls night out up at Ameristar at Black Hawk. We are collecting items to place some Geocaches, and we expect to hunt for ans find other geocaches!  We will cram pack those short five days!

That's all for now. Here's sending a wave of positive inspiration and love.  I hope you are always moving forward and looking up.  Looking down, you will find something already stepped on. Looking up,  you will find new beauty.  (That's a quote I just thought of as I was trying to think of something new to say in closing.)

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

Linda's E-mail: bestnurse@usa.com

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