December 13, 2011

Colorado Rocky Mountain Rock Polishing Success

After three months of playing nanny to the rock tumbler and meticulously keeping track of the dates for the different polishing materials, my rock polishing project is finally paying off.

During my geocaching travels, I discovered a cache of quartz rock. It's actually in plain sight of a trail, but hikers keep to the path and completely miss the treasure of Colorado quartz in Golden, CO.  We took the kids (grown kids)  back to pick up some more for me when they were here at Thanksgiving time.

See the before and after photos. (Not the exact same rocks, but almost.)
(Linda Meikle photos)

It takes at least six weeks for the transformation!

For those who were promised some polished rocks in my Christmas letter, I'm pleased to announce that Walgreens has their small bubble envelopes, usually $1.99, on sale for 39-cents this week - just for me!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life

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Randh said...

LInda - I live in Boulder - I wanted to polish some rocks my son picked up - how can I do that? Tell me about your endeavor. Thanks!

Randy Anglen