December 22, 2011

Peace On Earth When Snowflakes Fall by Linda Meikle

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Peace on Earth When Snowflakes Fall

Snow arrived silently overnight, painting windowsills and mountain hills

With a magic wand on land and pond, it drew the art with metallic bond!

As far as the eye can see, the workings of a snow-clad Leprechaun!

Cats look out the window to see if they can go outside nice and slow.

Children pulling sleds and yelling through the snow, "Let's go!"

Out the door and along each house, winding rivets like jumping mouse.

Schools are closed for the day. Children free to run and play!

Me. I'm snuggled close with chocolate warm and housecoat old & worn.

Gifts are wrapped. Boxes packed and off to the P.O. Shack!

Hubby wrapped in blankets close and warm as toast.

Dreams of howling wolves and snow bears' ghost!

Snow arrived silently overnight painting windowsills and mountain hills

Silent magic flakes creating children thrills and rush-hour stills.

Peace on Earth is shared by all when Silent Night snowflakes fall.

By Linda Meikle 12-22-2011

Take Care on the Journey
Your friend in life,

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