August 15, 2012

Donations For Star (My sister's little dog.)

Sweet little Star Baby - as my sister and her husband call their precious little rescue dog - just got out of the dogie hospital, and the vet bills are overwhelming for Sandy and Craig. 

Star was in the hosp. from Thursday to Sunday, August 9-12, 2012 and is slowing improving from something called Immune-mediated homiletic anemia (IMHA)
Her body is killing off her red blood cells just before being released from the bone marrow, the doctors don't know why. She still must get a blood test every day to check her anemia. She is still on several medications, but is starting to eat her food and bark at the neighbor dogs again!

On Thursday, August 9, when Sandy rushed Star to the vet, her red blood count was 10. She was so near death they wasn't sure she'd make it to the hospital that's 40 minutes. away from Tampa to Largo, FL.

If any one can donate toward Star's expenses that are already over $2,500 please click the Pay Pal donate button. Any amounts will be appreciated so much.

I'm placing my Pay Pal Donation button on this site and will double check that it works. All donations will go to my Pay Pal and straight on to my sister for Star's vet expenses.

Thank-you in advance.

Take Care on the Journey,


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