May 16, 2006

Mark This Day on Your Calendars!

It's up, up and away!!!

Just this moment I sent the final approval for the galley of my book!!!!!

No more checking how to spell Pivotal or wondering if I should add one more chapter! Just one more poem? Maybe another picture? Did I end it right? Will it be boring? Who will read it? Will I actually sell one book? Or, just give them away for the rest of my life?

Does it matter? I WROTE IT! 283 pages, 55 chapters and 14 months since I first sat down and said, "It's Time". (I almost gave that title to the book.) I always thought I would title my book, "Have You Seen My Mother?" but it turned out to be so much more than about finding my mother after I started reviewing all my old diaries.

YES! A lifelong dream is fulfilled. Anything more is serendipity! (I always have to look up that word too.)

I'm floating on Cloud 9 and there's no one awake to share the excitement with. (I just got off duty from working all night. Mary slept well, by the way...) No one around to give high-fives or squeals and hugs. Even Sheba has sneaked off to bed.

But, I smile and pinch myself and am very pleased and happy. There will be more books, but "Dusty Angels" will always be my first love.

Take Care on the Journey,


Katy said...

Congratulations, Mama! Too bad I wasn't awake to congratulate you in the moment. I'm so proud of you!

The Cat's Meow said...

Well I was awake and even up. (remember I have a new puppy)
But you can always call me.
Can't wait to read your book.
love ya