May 15, 2006

Linda Meikle, RN - Working on it!

For nearly 35 years I've wanted to sign the initials RN after my name.

Since 1971, it's been LPN and proud of it, but not quite perfect. My desires have been set aside as the needs of others have always come first. The opportunities just slipped by as the years rushed on and suddenly I'm 55 years old and still thinking about that dream unfilled. Jim's steady gentle nudge to find that dream has finally pushed me to apply at several local colleges in and near Columbus to find where I'll need to take the least prerequisites and travel would be realistic.

The advisor at Columbus State Community College informed me that I’ll only need two math classes and one Chemistry to be eligible for the LPN – RN transition program that starts in July 2006.

On the day I was there, all the math seats were taken for the Winter Quarter and I was a little discouraged, but someone advised me to check on the day after student loans were disbursed when those who didn’t qualify for those loans were be dis-enrolled and seats would be available again.

At midnight on that date, I got online and sure enough, a few seats suddenly appeared. I quickly applied for one of only three math seats available.

The deadline to pay for that 4-credit hour course was the next day and again, I was struggling with my decision. We really didn’t have $342 on the spur of the moment!

Jim was already asleep so I went to bed uneasy about my actions, but prepared to discuss it with him in the morning.

As he opened his eyes and stretched awake, I was ready with the question about that math class and the cost. He didn’t say much as he got out of bed, but a few minutes later he said he had put some money on the table – funds he had not spent for Christmas! Enough to combine and pay for my Math 102 course!

Still I procrastinated! Jim doesn’t have a job. Our financial future is the most uncertain it has ever been! I will have to work full-time to keep our insurance and pay the bills if he doesn’t get a good job! I can’t go to school full time and work full time!

Suddenly I heard an almost audible but persistanly firm voice that said, “It’s never been a good time. You will have to do this on faith!”

At the very, very last moment before the deadline to pay for the class or loose it, I deposited the money at the bank and quickly paid online before rushing out the door to work.

Well, class starts on January 3, 2006 and here goes a leap of faith into a New Year and new resolutions! Here’s a wish for a positive heart and good faith to us all!

April, 2006. I finished Algebra but Jim didn't get work, so I've put this on the shelf again.

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