May 13, 2006

September Girl or Jezebel?

Jim uses special days to add to my September birthstone collection. The necklace matches my birthday ring.

Those who know me may question my faith because growing up, I did not wear jewerly. I still have to fight the urge to cover my necklace with my hands when someone comments how pretty it is.

In my mind I hear the words, "Grandma was right. I'm just another Jezebel."

In my book, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries, there is a story abut the first dress I ever bought. It was soft white with a gathered skirt, long sleeves and dainty flowers embroidered on the front. I hurried home to show my beautiful dress to grandma, but she got very angry and made me hide it away because she said it didn't completely cover my knees.

I tell this story because many times I meet other woman who have to fight the same guilty feeling about things that are completely normal and "okay".

I love pretty stones and sparkling diamonds. And, I love Jim.

Don't let old rules "rule" the special person you are!

Take Care on the Journey.


Katy said...

Which one of these pretty pieces of jewelry are new, Linda? And what a great photo. You should retire from nursing and become a full-time photographer!
PS. Happy Mother's Day! I love you!

The Cat's Meow said...

Beautiful necklase and ring.Wear and show it off PROUDLY !!! I always had respect for Jezebel.SDA people are just another cult, one step above the Muslin wacko's.
Love Ya,

Katy said...

Hey, what's a September girl, anyway?

Katy said...

Sorry I keep leaving all these stupid posts!!!
All my questions are answered from re-reading your blog. :)
You can delete these comments if you want- I'll post other, smarter ones!

Linda M. said...

I love ALL comments from Katy!