May 26, 2006

Sunset After the Storm

Photo by Linda Meikle
May 30, 2006
Permission to use...

I was sitting on the couch missing Jim this quiet wednesday evening. I'm usually the one who's at work! Suddenly the room filled with an unexpected evening sunset after the summer's rain. It brought out the golden highlights on Ching-Ching's sleeping face. I ran to the balcony with my digital camera and opened the shutter and now invite you to enjoy my enchanting sunset!

I dearly love Katy's blog because it feels like we are right there. My blog sometimes seeps with ramblings of a crazy woman. (Although Jim says I should send my Adam and Eve articles to AARP...) Maybe my humble pictures will add warmth and personality to my blog.

I worked all night last night and will again tonight so I'm just about ready for a big sleep. Before I crawl into bed as Jim rolls out, Sheba and I thought we'd update the blog family on some good news.

I looks like Jim will be starting a job as a Courier delivering meds for the company that delivers meds to my nursing home. He will have a route every night 250 miles round trip. We'll believe it for sure when we see that first paycheck. He hopes to expand as he learns the ropes.

We had storms last night but no damage in our immediate area. Our Severe Weather Policy at work requires that we close all the drapes at the nursing home and be on standby to plug all the oxygen machines into "the red outlets". But the lights only blinked once - just enough to have to reboot all the computers!

Enjoy your day.

Take Care on the Journey.

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