June 23, 2006

Sandra's Surgery

Hello Family and Friends,

I've met so many 'friends' while traveling to Tampa with those beautiful Angel Cards for my book. From the nice lady at the gift shop where Sandra had surgery who has already ordered my book from Barnes and Noble, to my seatmate on the plane who has a relative at the same nursing home where I used to work in Zepherhills, Florida! The gentleman who is going to check on an address to send Oprah my book and another seatmate on the plane who is going to share my card with his co-workers and wife. Oh yes the lady at the Columbus airport who works at the bookstore and is a member of a book club right there in Columbus! My cards should be scattered across the United States from California to Maryland and on to Tennessee and Florida.

My sister, by the way, came through the surgery in fine shape. The doctor was able to 'fix' her back but she will be many months healing. Today she got out of bed for the first time and says the pain was a 10 on a scale of 1-10 - with 10 being the worse! She was very brave and the nurses all say she is a real sweetheart!

I stayed at the hospital almost 18 hours the day of surgery, and with only about 6 hours of sleep in 72 hours, I just about lost it at the airport in Nashville on my way home and had to call off for work tonight. (Which is why I was in such a rush to get back!) When I finally got on the the plane in Nashville for the last leg of my trip to Columbus, Ohio, I was asleep before the plane took off! I don't even remember taking off! At least there was no claustraphobia (hoping I spell that right)!

I return to Tampa next Tuesday for another couple days with Sandy and Craig as she comes home from the hospital. You can follow Sandy's blog at http://catsandsplats.blogspot.com after she gets home.

I'll write again soon.
Take Care on Your Journey,
~Linda/Mama Linda

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