July 2, 2006

Back from Florida and Other Things

These two pictures were taken with my cell phone from the pier in south Tampa near where Sandy lives. Imagine a soft breeze, glowing sunset and sea gulls gliding over head.


Back home, the balcony garden is blooming!

Click on picture for close-up view..

Oh look! Baby green tomatoes in the balcony garden. Guess we'll let them grow a little more. This afternoon, a summer storm blew some of my flowers pots off the railing.

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been with me working full-time nights and making two trips to Tampa for Sandy’s surgery and then recovery at home. I feel very washed out, but am so thankful that Sandy is doing great – albeit – still in some pain.

I’m glad to be home and catching up on neglected things and getting adjusted to a routine again.

Jim and Sheba enjoy their walk around the pond every day. Sheba has several “animals of interest” that she looks for on her walkabout. (Animal names taken from Jim’s unwritten book….) There’s Mr. Bully Bullfrog who jumps back into the pond just in the nick of time before Sheba comes snooping. Then, Mr. Teddy Turtle who carefully positions himself facing the creek so he can make a fast dash as Sheba rounds the corner, nose to the ground to the sunny spot at the edge of the water. But, you would just die of laughter if you could witness Sheba-dog standing straight up on her back legs looking over the tall grass for Mr. Grumpy Groundhog. Jim hopes to catch a picture of that expressive maneuver one of these days!

Several people have commented on my book, so I’m planning to make a ‘Comment Section' on my book web site at
http://www.lindasbookshelf.com. In a few days you can slip over there and read the reviews of my book.

I’ve finally found a good chiropractor and massage therapist – at Jim’s urging. (Well, the massage therapist wasn’t ‘urged’. ha ha.) My back is feeling much better. The chiropractor is a lady named Janice who seems to be very competent and confident. My good-looking massage therapist is Jimmy! I’m in good hands – as they say.

Take Care on the Journey,


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