July 23, 2006

Comments From Readers

Comments by readers since the book came out May 2006. More comments will be added as they come in. Thanks for all your kind words. ~Linda

It’s so good…I cried several times. Oprah needs your book!
Betty B., Berrien Springs, MI

After reading your book, I realize what a truly remarkable person you are!
Jean R., Columbus, OH

Your book is wonderful. Dorothyann P., Waterbury, CT

(Read the book to find out who this is.)

“BRAVO” You’ve survived so much. All I can say is Bravo!
Fran B., Naugatuck, CT

A real page-turner…Send it to Oprah!
Katy Y., Portland, OR

I cry every time I read it, but every word is true.
Sandra Zike (Linda’s sister)

It made a difference for me. I’m going to take some steps in my life.
Reader in Berrien Springs, MI

You should charge more for the book. It’s worth it.
Polly W., Berrien Springs, MI

I didn’t know all this happened to you. You are so brave.
Linda’s niece in Naugatuck, CT

The book is perfect in every way.
Johnnie J., Springfield, OH

I got your book about three hours ago and I’m almost finished reading it. I didn’t know you could write like that. (A long-time friend mentioned in the book.)
Neil H., Winona, Wisconsin

It is a wonderful heart warming book I loved it. (It) made me cry, smile, reflect on my own life past and present. It was just so real. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Reader in Tampa, FL

Hooray for you Mom! I am so happy for you in many, many ways. I hope you sell a million copies! I love you so much and Katy and I are very proud of you.
Your loving son, Billy

We received our books today, and I'm thrilled at how professional and interesting they turned out! I love the combination of photos, poetry, and information about people I love. Wonderful job, Mama Linda! Love, Katy

Thank you for the book. I received it yesterday and I'm loving it so far. A blogger. “Shallow Throat” Berrien Springs, MI

We got your book yesterday. Thank-you very much. I have read the first chapter already but can not read no more because Fran started to read the book and I can not get it away from her until now. She just finished it and wanted me to tell you BRAVO very good job. Love, Bill (Linda’s brother)

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