July 6, 2006

The First Diary - 1964

The Diary that started it all... 1964-1968

I should be taking a nap before my 12-hour shift starts at the nursing home, but there’s some thoughts buzzing around in my head that want out…

Today’s journey took me to the little store in our small town of New Albany called, “Out of the Ordinary” where they have my book featured at the check-out counter. I wanted to speak to the owner about stocking the book as a local source for selling “Dusty Angels and Old Diaries”. It’s been difficult to find her at the store, but she was behind the counter and not in a good mood, it seemed.

“Can I help you” she turned and asked another customer when I stepped up the counter and told her I was the author of the book that I left there a couple weeks ago. (She hadn’t been in.)

“I have to double whatever you charge, so I’ll have to sell the book for $20,” she chirped quickly without a smile of any kind.

“I’m willing to take a loss on the book if you will sell it for less. I work at the local nursing home and I’m not allowed to take money for my book from my patients, so I’m just looking for a local source where people can buy my book,” I said pleasantly and with a cheery smile I didn’t feel.

In the end (and after several interruptions while she offered to help customers who weren’t buying anything – actually I think they were listening to our interesting conversation), she is willing to take my books and sell them at the barcode price of $15.55 and give nothing to me!

Lesson learned: Even though I love the store, I’ll go to another town before I send customers there to buy my book.

Later I’ll update everyone on the possible FILM OFFER, and an unexpected very nice person who contacted me from the SDA Church Conference.

My goal is to do at least one thing every day to promote the book. Everyone who reads "Dusty Angels" tells me it’s well worth the reading - and has already made a difference for several who had read my book.

Stay tuned.

Take Care on the Journey



Katy said...

I'm sorry that you had a run-in with bad customer service or just a cranky day for that store owner. You're doing a great job promoting. Keep your chin up, and go take a nap!

The Cat's Meow said...

can't wait to see ya in the movies!!!