August 30, 2006

Curves Threw Me A Curve Ball!

Curves of New Albany, Ohio threw me a curve ball today and have managed to affect the celebration of my birthday and perhaps damage my credit at the bank! Instead of charging my bank account $109.00. She hit an extra zero and charged $1090.00!!!!!

I wondered why she was taking so long in the back room. When she returned to the table she said with a laugh, "I hit an extra "0" and charged you $1,000 instead of $100. But I refunded it, so it's okay."

I sat up and little taller in my chair and said, "I don't think so."

Any business person knows that credit card refunds take at least three days to clear while charges are instant.

She continued taking my measurments (the very worse part of joining any workout club!) as my my cell phone went off. It was Chase Bank alerting me to the "more than $499.99" charge to our account. (I have many alerts installed to our account...)

I finally convinced "Kathy" that her mistake was not a simple matter and that I needed to call the bank right away and try to get this straightened out. Of course, the bank can do nothing! We are overdrawn! Jim can't use the card to get gas tonight as he does his 400-mile trip, and he had to turn around as he was on his way to the mall to get my birthday present!

Grrrrr. I'm not a cussing person, but some in my family are, so please let forth with the vengence of an angered woman on the eve of her birthday!

Curves - are you listening????

But, all is not lost. This morning I got a large package from the cute UPS man. Inside was a cold box of Godiva Sugar-Free Chocolates from Sandy!!!! See the picture. (Click on the picture for even better view.) Thanks little sister! I love you too!

Take Care on the Journey
- even on the bad days...


The Cat's Meow said...

I would ask f'in KATHY if she would give you $1090!!! then you'll refund her when you get your mony back. Cruves should give you 3mo. FREE for such a screw-up. also Cruves should pay for and fees your bank charges you.
I'm glad you got your Godiva and also found your studio. Go ahead and jack up those prices. People are richer in New Albany then migh.
Love ya Sandy

Linda M. said...

There's been a flurry of phone calls this morning from Curves International Corp office (I emailed them!), the local Curves and several from Chase Bank in response to my series of emails and phone calls yesterday.

Yes, I'm demanding that Curves deposit $1,090.95 into my account immediately. I told Corporate that they could do a wire transfer and it would be immediate and it would only cost them $12. (She said she would have to talk to her supervisor...)

After that we're gong to talk about free membership.

For now, I'm going to pick up the phone again and not let up until someone gives me my money back.

I told everybody that we have a holiday coming up and it's my birthday and our bank account is frozen. How bad is that!

Katy said...

That's terrible, Linda, and I'm sorry such a thing happened! I used to run credit cards both at a coffee shop and at the box office, and I didn't realize that returns weren't instantaneous. Yikes! My work screwups now effect even more people, so I have to be very careful. Good luck getting what you want. Your sweet tenacity usually wins over everyone!
And happy first birthday today!

Linda M. said...

I must add that Curves was diligent in getting this resolved. They didn't give me free lifetime membership, but have offered one month....From Corporate to the local business, they kept in contact with me by phone and email all day and even went to Chase Bank to see what they could do. (A wire transfer would have worked...) Looks like we can do my birthday after all. (I think my sweet but firm "tenacity' helped too.)