August 30, 2006

Portland Shoes

Pictured are new shoes for my Portland trip to visit Billy and Katy. Earth Shoes should be right up their alley since both of them love Mother Earth.

Katy suggested I bring sandals for a special treat at a day spa. Flip-flops cost $7 and these didn’t cost much more. Pretty nice, huh?

This has been - and is going to be – an exciting week. My “first birthday” is September 3 (Sunday) and I’ve taken some other milestone steps this week. (In case you are wondering, I’m not a one-year old…) My second birthday is September 6 and my third official date is September 9. (If you’ve read the book, “Dusty Angels”, you’ll know why.) For the record, I’m moving on from that special of number “55” that I’ve enjoyed for one year!

Today I jointed Curves! The place is down the street and just past our own workout facility at our apartment complex. Curves had a sign by the highway that advertised… “The rest of the summer is free”. So, I stopped in and said, “I want to work out in a place that isn’t filled with skinny women!”

Also, today I located my future photography studio!!!!!!! The papers aren’t sign yet, but I FOUND it! Tomorrow I meet with the owner/ insurance agent in our town. He had a sign in front of his office advertising office space for rent that I had ignored all summer. I figured it was a small room next to his office… Well, I was wrong.

It’s a large room with a small bathroom at the back of the building with it’s own entrance and parking. Since he wasn’t in, I have to wait until tomorrow to talk to him but his secretary showed me (and later Jim) the room, and said she thought the price was within what I had budgeted. (We’ll know tomorrow.) I’ll take pictures of the place if this works out. I’m so excited I probably won’t be able to sleep all night. (Too bad I’m not working tonight…)

I have been busy researching local wedding and portrait prices for my new brochures. The package that I offered for $475 in Michigan goes for $2,860 to $2,950 here! And, that's for no more than 6 hours of photography. I always offer unlimited hours!

To add a wedding album that I offered for $950, sells for at least $3,285 in Columbus! And, I can promote 20 years of experience! Yes, they use the same film and color labs that I do! And, incidently, the rings are always straight and the necklaces dead center in my pictures!
But, I still haven't been able to make my fingers type in those numbers on the brochure!

I’ve also been making stops with my book and promoting it every day.. Today I got a call from my brother, Billy, in Waterbury, CT. He has made contact with a producer of a radio station there who might promote my book! They want my press release!

So, life goes on. I’d love to hear from you.
Take Care on the Journey,


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Katy said...

I'm proud of you that you joined a gym! How exciting about your potential studio, too! You're working hard and it's coming back to you in positive ways. The universe is taking care of you, isn't it! We're looking forward to your visit, although the weather might be wonky. Today it's 62 and Friday it's supposed to be 95.
Love you,