August 14, 2006

Linking and Morning Glories!!

Katy, tell Billy to come see my garden!
Dead Morning Glories? "I beg your pardon!"

Remember those tiny little seedlings
that I thought all died?
Boy was I in for a big surprise!
Click the purple flower to view up close.
Click the white flower to see a new post!
Then click new links on the left-hand side
To see what a secret code can hide.

(The rest is the original story.)

Whew! I’ve been begging for some help with that code stuff for years, but as so often the case with us women, I just figured it out myself by trial and error (mostly error)!

According to my sitemeter, this Dusty Angels blogsite did nothing but gather dust this weekend. It didn’t get one hit.

Maybe you were all busy like we were – or just enjoying some type of favorite relaxing on the edge of fall weather. I hope you weren’t actually WORKING this weekend. I know about that, but I requested Sunday off because we attended a Meikle Family Reunion in (let-me-check-the-spelling-of-this-word) Monongahela, Pennsylvania!!!!

I was the worst dressed. Had the worst hair day. Was the youngest (if you don’t count the little kids) and least known of the family there, but Jim says I was a hit.

Later in the day, I brought out my angel cards to pass around and I gave away four of my books that I had with me. I felt badly I didn't have more, but I mailed some out today for those who asked. Yes, the books cost me, but I couldn't bear to charge anybody at the reunion. Does anybody want to donate to the cause so I can give out more free books? Can't hurt to ask.

Or, maybe I felt out of sync at the reunion because I went to work Saturday night and came home Sunday morning and set the clock for 1 hour before we set out for the 3-hour drive to the all-day reunion… That was the fastest one hour in my entire life!

Jim’s aunt asked me how much sleep I got before we left. I answered, “59 minutes”.

But, I didn’t doze off when someone was speaking to me and I kept going to the bathroom to comb my unruly hair, roll up the long sleeves of my blouse and turn up the pant legs of my long jeans! I'm going on a shopping spree for some new clothes before my visit to Katy and Billy in September! My best clothes are UNIFORMS!

Jim had a great time exchanging family tidbits and looking at old family pictures. He was introducted as "Cletus's son" which brought smiles to all the old folks. His father was a well respected member of the old Meikle Clan. Both of Jim's parents have died.

Hey, did you hear that someone actually threw my book across the room? The poor angel on the cover, but no harm done. The disrespectful trashing of the book has been rectified because when my beloved cousin actually read the book, she sent me a very sweet email saying how much it meant to her when she had been feeling down in the dumps. She’s forgiven – by the angel and me.
I’m assuming my cousin thought the book would reveal some dark family secrets. No, That’s for my next book. JUST KIDDING!

But, don’t expect the same promise from Sandy… JUST KIDDING AGAIN!

Yep, I’m getting excited getting to see Billy and his sweet wife Katy September 10-13. (Decided against flying on Sept. 11). I believe it’s been over two years since we were together at Philip and Shelley’s wedding August 1, 2004.

Katy is already planning some pampering and good foods. I can’t wait! Maybe I can make some more of those cookies from grandma’s Elting’s recipe. Those cookies I sent last week were stale before they got them. No matter what we do while I’m there, I’ll be one happy Mama Linda.

Take Care on the Journey



Shallow Throat said...

I was housesitting over the weekend, Linda, which explains my absence.

Linda M. said...

Housesitting at a house without a computer? You must have almost died. We missed you!

Katy said...

Glad you made it through the family reunion with no sleep. I used to be able to work a whole shift at the coffee shop after staying up all night, but it was a fairly miserable time. Love you.

Shallow Throat said...

They had a computer, but I worked such long hours, I enjoyed their bed more.