August 19, 2006

Lonely Saturday Night

Lonely Saturday Night
Two Women and a House
Bring Your Own Flyswatter
No Night There…

It is a Saturday night and I’m alone while Jim does his almost 400 mile nightly med run to Marietta, Ohio. Nothing on TV but 9/11 movies and since I’ll be flying to Portland on September 10, they hold a fascinating but forbidding horror. I watched Flight 93 but have turned off the TV for the documentary on the World Trade Centers story.

Jim called to say he was having an uneventful trip although just yesterday his boss actually threatened to FIRE HIM. I hope his boss nor his wife read my blog because I have this urge to vent a little. If we had some hope of Jim finding another job, I would urge him to get away from this situation. When you deduct gas and van expenses, Jim only makes less than $6/hr to drive 8-hours six nights a week! His boss (husband and wife team) boast that they pay him more than they should! But they don’t seen to consider gas at over $3.00/gal and an oil change very two weeks! Nor that our van won’t last too many more miles with almost 200,000 miles on it! But I digress…

The other night, the pharmacy put the wrong patient name on a narcotic. When the nurse was signing for the narcotic, she noticed the error. Jim is not allowed to bring any narcotics back to the pharmacy, so the RN wrote the correct name on the return slip and accepted the narc. Jim tried to call his boss on the cell phone but got his voice mail so Jim started back home.

Now his boss is mad because Jim “let the nurse write on the return slip”. (It proves the pharmacy made a mistake and not Jim or the nurse.) And, his boss keeps reminding Jim that he should have “called” before leaving the nursing home.

Well, if you know any jobs for an experienced auditor who has a masters in business and another degree in computer science, please email me ASAP!

How does the title, “Two Women and a House” sound? I’ve decided to pursue finding a small place to set up my photography studio again. I’ve been surfing the net for studio rooms or old farmhouses to lease. Hey, feel free to search the Columbus, Ohio area too and email me if you find something for about $400/mo. to lease or rent. I know I could build up a great photography business again if I just gave myself the opportunity!

In our town of New Albany (about 5 miles from Columbus), I noticed a place that had been empty but just opened up as a boutique. I said to Jim as we passed by the other day, “I wonder if that place has an extra room. It’s a big house for a boutique.”

Quick forward to work last night…. The father of a patient of mine is a broker for the New Albany area. He seemed in a good mood last night so I got up the courage to mention my interest to him if he might know of a large room or space to lease at a good price. …He mentioned the same building…!!! He is the broker for that building and is going to talk to the woman who runs the boutique to see if indeed there is space there.

That’s where “Two Women and a Building” would be really neat. It’s only about 3 minutes from where we live and is right next to the local dentist and across the hometown pizza place. Beautiful spot with flowers and trees all around. Wish me luck and more good luck!

EnglishRose Photography

"Photography With A Woman's Touch"

"No Night There"…Sandy and I used to sing a song with that title, but this has a different meaning. I’ve decided to get off the night shift! It’s simply killing me. I can’t sleep well during the day and feel like I’m going to die while pulling the 12-hour night shift. Last night I stuck a man’s finger to do an accucheck, then instead of doing the blood sugar test, I’m looking for the little thing to stick the finger with. I didn’t need to stick the finger again!!!! Later, I was doing a tube feeding and had placed the syringe into the GT to pour the feeding into but instead, I thought I couldn’t find the syringe – which I was actually holding in my hand!!!!

It’s stressful to be so tired and really a challenge to smile when patients scold you because they had to wait a minute for a pain pill or demand one before it’s time and blame you if you can’t give it.

So, it’s Saturday night and I’m feeling like I’m on the edge of something but not sure if anything will ever change. I’m too tired to clean the house and not sleepy enough to sleep. The cat threw up and I just stepped in it. I smell something rotten that Sheba must have hidden, but it looks like I’m going to have to get on my hands and knees to find it.

I keep checking all three email sites to see if anyone has sent me a cherry note. Nothing on the Dusty Angels site except a few “walk-throughs” but no messages left behind.

Did you ever have one of those times? We hate to admit we are so weak that we could actually feel lonely. Next time you feel that way, send me an urgent email. I’ll be right there!

Bring Your Own Flyswatter...The computer is blinking frightfully and I'm afraid I'll loose this so I'll post and return... Quickly, we were eating at a new place in town and there was a lot of flies getting into our food. When I complained, the smart little waitress said, "Well you're in the country, you know!" Then she made us wait over a half-hour for the check and sweetly said, "Oh I'm so sorry for the wait" when she gave us an incorrect bill for almost $10 more than we should have paid! I was going to write a story and post the name of the restaurant, but if I become a business owner in New Albany, I might need that leverage later....

Country? We're 20 minutes (driving time) from the Columbus Metropolitan Airport and less than one-half hour from downtown Columbus! She doesn't know country!!!! And, flies are not supposed to mate in your salad!

Take Care on the Journey,



Katy said...

Ew, flies mating in your salad?
That sounds like bad service. Maybe you left her a small tip...

Linda M. said...

The tip was manditory with a coupon we used. 18% plus some service fee. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

You should of had Star with you, she loves to chase flies!!! She might of run across someones table but she'd get that nasty fly.