October 1, 2006

Ohio Renaissance Festival PICTURES ARE HERE

Whew! I feel like I've been in school for a week! But, I NEVER GIVE UP. Enjoy the Ohio Renaisasnce Festival with Jim & Linda. Everyone pictured gave photo permission.


To those at the Renaissance Festival who might still be looking for those pictures of you that I took and promised would be here on this web site...

It seems when I purchased the new digital camera, they did not reset the manufacture settings and my pictures were taken in what they call "raw format" which means they don't want to download properly. They look exceptionally great on the computer (finally) but I'm still working to "save" these pictures. Future pictures will be in proper format. After working on this all day, I now have to put on a nurses uniform and actually go to work for the night. I'll keep trying, so don't give up yet.

Take Care on the Journey,

Thanks, Linda


Katy said...

Can't wait to see them! How's the studio coming, too? Sorry I missed your call this weekend!!

TopChoice said...

I think you should check out he protest website before returning to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Protest site: http://orfprotest.com