January 31, 2007

A Musical Gift for You

I found a lovely music site with soft beautiful music, but Angel Reflections says we can't hot link to her site. Jim says that means I can't give you a "click here". Please go to http://.. jandingo.com and scroll down to Agnelic Music Midis for some really sweet music. Turn up the volume. Sit back and hope your boss IS listening...
Take Care on the Journey,


Katy said...
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Katy said...

Glad you've found a site that you love. Here's one that I found recently. Click on Music and then choose your mp3. (The first is the best, I think!)

Linda M. said...

Thanks Katy, for the site info. But please, folks, don't do what I did and type .com It's like that whitehouse site.
Twink.net is nice.

Red-faced in Ohio

Katy said...

Tee hee!