February 2, 2007

My Eyes Aren't What They Used to Be...

This is not to say, “I’m sorry” or “I was wrong”, (or to bring up too many old ghosts!), but it seems that most who’ve read my blog about the Worthington Church feel that I was being critical. Actually, even the kindest of members from that SDA Church have told me that I was unfairly judging its people and standards.

That’s not to say that no one supported my position (Katy, Sandy, BAP and Floyd). They give me credit for viewing my story through MY eyes, but others say when viewed through THEIR eyes, they feel hurt and accused.

At first, I argued that I was presenting the difference between yesterday’s church and today’s new rules and did not mean to be critical, but after a lengthy phone call from someone far removed (Neil) who said he took my reflections personally and did not like what he heard/read, I decided that my eyes must not be what they used to be!

In case you’re thoroughly confused by now, even though my eyes have gone from bi-focal to almost tri-focal, I can see that many will never understand that I didn’t mean to be critical. Few are going to view my stories through MY eyes. I accept that.

My family and friends already know that I’m my own worst critic and that my goal in life is to love from my heart. To give freely and unconditionally.

Like my eyes, I’m not perfect, but I’m working to improve myself all the time and surely do not ever intend to hurt anyone.

I enjoy reading reflections from my friend, Floyd, who writes from the heart, his views on life and living. Sometimes, like my sister Sandy said, they are too long for one sitting, but the articles always carry golden nuggets of truth and wisdom.

PS You may be stuck with this story for a few says. I'm scheduled for 6 12-hour days of nursing in a row. Leave me messages of strength!!!

Take Care on the Journey, ~Linda


JKD said...

I definitely feel that you have nothing to be “sorry” for and I certainly do not think you were wrong! Those who are seeing your blog as being critical, instead of seeing it through the eyes of an observer, are the individuals who are actually viewing this with “closed eyes”.

I support your position and give you credit for writing your blogs as you see it through your eyes. I find it odd that most are seeing your writings in such a deem light. They may want to readjust their spectacles so they can see the more clear meanings to your writings.

As a past SDA member I see the glaring reality of the difference of the yesterdays beliefs and the today rules (or better said the abandonment of the old rules/beliefs). My eyes may not be what they used to be either, but I can see with my tri-focals better than I ever did with my single lens biased views of the past.

We have to guard against being our own worst critic, because it is destructive to our own well being. We have to take care of “ourselves”; we need to be kind and gentle to “ourselves”. Something that I remind myself of often is that if you would not say it to your best friend then don't say it to yourself (example- when looking in the mirror we tell ourselves you are “fat” you are “not pretty” these are things we would never say to our best friend and we should not be saying them to ourselves). None of us our perfect that is true, but striving to improve our lives and spirit is the road to serenity. I think anyone who knows you or anyone who has read your book should know that you did not aim to hurt anyone with your writings!

"When you get into a tight place and it seems that you can't go on, hold on – for that's just the place and the time that the tide will turn." – Harriet Beecher Stowe

Katy said...

People sure get worked up over their religions, don't they!

Anonymous said...

The people who have nothing good to see in your writings or try to belittle you for pointing out the way things have changed over the years are just full of it.
In my opinion they are so FULL of GUILT because they don't live up to what they KNOW is the way of thier religion. It makes them feel good about themself when they bitch about you, forgetting what a hypocrite they really are. If they could find love and peace within themself(like PAP,Little Sis) only then could they see the world with loving eyes instead of tunnel vision and HATE.
KEEP up the great writing.
Don't be so mean to yourself.
Love yourself!!!!
Little Sis

Linda M. said...

To JKD - Thank-you! I don't know who you are, (maybe I should?) but your words are kind and true.