March 6, 2007

Changing Times

It seems like a year since I’ve rested a spell at my website and spoken with fellow travelers. But, three 14-hour workdays can do that. I work the private duty case until midnight, then I’m up at 5 a.m. for the nursing home job. At least I’m too tired to have bad dreams. Today was one day in between jobs, and I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped!

Jim and I have made some major decisions in the last few days during the little moments we had together. “Regrouping” as Jim calls it. And, we are in the process of making some more that I cannot talk about yet. (Nothing bad...)

Sadly, we know we must give up the photography studio. (Our landlord doesn’t know yet because he’s in Florida – sorry Bonnie.) I already talked to him last month so it shouldn’t be a surprise. He’ll be just as disappointed as we are. But, I’ve faced a city already flooded with professional photographers who know how to get through the red tape and make the big contracts. We’re going on three months with not one appointment. Our new goal is to make a stab into wedding photography and on-location senior and family portraits. I have soooo much equipment that needs to be put to good use. Still, it feels like walking backwards when I want to run forward. We made such an investment too. I’m sure we aren’t the only small business to falter! “Not giving up! Just changing course,” I say!
Jim has been doing a few business tax jobs – some coming back after he did them last year. It’s not only great that his customers returned, but he says doing taxes is, “like a walk in the park”. Something not very many of us care to challenge!

He has another job interview tomorrow. Not that I’m encouraged anymore by job interviews. But he’s researched the company and its leaders so he will be knowledgeable about the company tomorrow. Another $35 haircut, and bring out the good suit and white shirt!

On another note, He applied for a manager’s position at a very large place where rich people build summer homes, vacation cottages and retirement homes. It’s located on over 1,000 acres of private land in the hills of Ohio. We drove to the gates of the property but security wouldn’t let us in. I asked Jim if we should tell them why we were there but he said not.

The more impressive thing was we passed some property for sale very close to the site. It’s a beautiful little cove set between two wooded hills and across the road from a lake. It had a small building set against one hill. We called the phone number on the posted sign, and it’s 7 acres for $75,000. Four lots are part of the private land that could be sold. We came home dreaming of that wildwood setting with a new log cabin as our ‘retirement home’. We got online to look up the cost of log cabins and gather more information about the property. It’s a dreamer, we know. We’ve already decided not to invest in property and a home at our age. We don’t want to go into that much debt. But, as I said, It’s a dreamer! (The picture posted is not the place but somewhat like it.)

Well, the baby still does not have a rocking chair and Jim has lost his reading glasses. The computer program at work isn’t any better than last time I complained about it. In fact, the night nurse still can’t log on at all. I have a bitter enemy as a co-worker who doesn’t want to contract on any kind of resolution. There are bombs in Baghdad, an earthquake in Indonesia and another tragic airline crash. Libby is going to jail, and Atlanta isn’t planning to do anything about the killer intersection.

The good news is that we have friends in places we never expected and a loving and supportive family. I have work, and the car is expected to start and get me there on time tomorrow. The furnace is spitting out warm air and the pantry is full of food. If we are not in control of this world, we have the assurance that it is in control.

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Take Care on the Journey,


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