March 8, 2007

Change of Plans

Short and Sweet - as I'm between two jobs with very little sleep time tonight.

I always listen to the advice of my boys, and my youngest reminded me how much I love photography. He worked with me several years as my assistant so he knows his mother quite well.

His advice is not to give up so soon. So, we're keeping the studio at least another month.

One great reason to reconsider the studio is the birth of a revised website for the photography business. Philip's wife, Shelley just posted our new EnglishRose site that is breathtaking! Please click to see our new website and Shelley's wonderful handiwork! Click HERE.

Thank-you Shelley.



The Cat's Meow said...

Nice web site. Shelley did a great job. Now you need to work less hours so you can spent more time passin out flyers at schools & wedding shops. I know photography
is your love of jobs. Our grandpa Brantley was a photographer too, so its in the blood.
Love ya

Katy said...

Very nice job, Shelley! Linda, I'll put a link to it on our blog. :)

The Cat's Meow said...

Linda you need to write something a little controversial agin. so you get more comments, besides Katy & mine. Try to get the CHRISTIANS P O'd, sorry I meant upset, agin. I enjoyed reading and laughing at how upset they got over your observations on church & religion.
I know, I'm bad!!!
Love ya, Sandy