March 13, 2007

Diarist Has Spring Fever

In case you don't like snakes, I made this small...In tribute to the one I stepped on in Virginia.

Greetings from the warm, sunny Ohio Valley that has been without our presence over the weekend and into Monday afternoon. But, we have returned from a safe and sound and fruitful trip to and through the hills of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and into the rolling farmland of Virginia. Everyone safe and sound except for one little green and black garter snake that had the unfortunate position to be under my foot as I stepped out of the van at the home of our friends, Olive and Duane.

We spent a few hours sitting in the sun, reminiscing and looking back into the world of our lives over the last 30 years and beyond into the future of who knows what will bring.

Jim is on a second job interview for a not-for-profit company that is looking for a grants administrator (I think). When he returns, I will stop writing and we’ll discuss what the prospects look like for this job and we must decide on the status of our photography business and the direction we should go there.

Sandy suggests I start writing about the Ten Commandments and how they hold true today. I’m itching to do a story of what to take and what is not allowed in a nursing home if one finds themselves in a position to be moving there. Pack a pocketknife and can opener…Leave your medicines and good shoes behind, for starters.

It’s hard for me to get back into the ‘work” mode after a few days off. I’m so glad we went to Virginia and will be writing more about the ramifications of that trip when the time is right. Jim and I enjoyed the uninterrupted time together. After my night driving on the way there in the pouring rain frightened us both, he drove home through the mountains showing me how the cruise control keeps one from riding the brakes all the time. We took the camera but didn’t take any pictures. I took my flute but didn’t play any music. Sheba and Ching-Ching behaved better than most small children. No barking in the motel room at night and sleeping in their assigned seats most of the time as we drove. Not once did they ask, “Are we there yet.” Nor did either one whine, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

Olive and Duane live on about 10 acres that nestles a large man-made lake and has a creek flowing through the back. There’s a brown horse named Mary who has a star on her nose and sniffs your pockets for sweet carrots and apples if you come close. We walked with Mary in her pasture and she kicked her heels and rolled on her back for us.

Olive and Duane haven't changed much since I photographed their wedding 34 years ago. (Was it me or BC but who cares?) It was nice to spend some time sitting in their front yard listening to singing birds and enjoying friendship time. Culpeper is a couple hours from Washington D.C

It’s finally warm and I want to do some spring-cleaning. I’ve opened some windows for the first time this year. The dogs are sleeping on the patio. Sheets are drying and towels are washing. Today, I’m missing my boys, Billy and Philip. I wish we didn’t live so far and could be with them more often. But tomorrow I’ll be busy, busy, busy again like everyone else.

Jim just called…The interview went great, but he says he didn’t do good on the Excel test, and he TEACHES Excel!!!!!!

He says he just wants to come home and go take a walk with me and the dogs.

As the funny voice says, “That’s all, folks”.

Take Care on the Journey,


The Cat's Meow said...

To bad the Snakie got killed.
It must of been an OMEN!!!!
Glad things are going Great for Jim.
Love Ya,

juanita said...

I am glad that you and Jim were able to escape for a couple of days. Sounds like it was a relaxing trip except for the driving. I can not wait to hear about the ramifications of the trip!?

I had started to be a little concerned since I had not gotten a response to my email and that you had not made any blog entries for quit a few days.

Too bad our spring like weather is about to come to an end later this week, hopefully it is returning to stay soon.

I feel your pain on your boys living so far away, I hate having my step-son and grand-daughters living in Chicago. Remember if you ever need help with travel arrangements (airline tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals) that is what I do (and have done now for THIRTY years hard to believe!) I only do Corporate travel these days unless you are a close friend or family and then of course I still offer my services.