March 24, 2007

The Child Within...

My friends Floyd and his sister, Olive, have spiritual websites that I enjoy reflecting on most every day. Reading one today made me think about all we still need to learn and become...While surfing tonight I came upon this artwork that seemed to fit that thought.

Take Care on the Journey,


The Cat's Meow said...

I Think Floyd , Olive, & you, sometimes, write way to long for me to read.
It isn’t very interesting to me either,
but it is amazing how you guys can just write & write forever
When I need spiritual renewing I go to see Mother nature.
Like this Wednesday Star, Craig & I will be going to
Fort Desoto Beach. (number one beach in the USA)
We’ll do a little fishing and picnic’in.
I’m also looking for driftwood for my 75 gal. fish tank we’re setting up.
I’ll play ball with Star to bring the kid in me out.
Neither ones of us like to get in the water tho.

Linda M. said...

We'll look forward to a picture of that 75 gal. fish tank. Will it be salt water?

You might find this website more to your liking? Also, Katy has some interesting links on her site. Music too!

Fort Desoto is a great place to have fun and the dogs can run free too! We've had many many golden days there!

Love ya, Linda