July 21, 2008

Homepage: Dusty Angels and Old Diaries

My Book! I'm Published!

"Dusty Angels and Old Diaries"

by Linda J. Meikle

A Book For Women Who Want To Be Strong

An amazing story that might change your life

This is the story of my life gleaned for a box-full of old diaries. It re-lives the terror of a three-year old child as I waited for my mother to return; the fight to stay in the orphanage and not be separated from my baby sister. Later, the abuse and injuries suffered at the hands of an unbridled angry grandmother; the slow death of a turbulent marriage; the birth and blessings of two wonderful sons; the agonizing search for my mother - and the pivotal moment when I found her almost 40 years later! It ends on a magical note of unexpected love found in an unusual place. A story of love and forgiveness rarely seen today!

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Katy said...

I can't wait to read your book, Mama Linda! Many congratulations!

Anonymous said...

It's so good...I cried several times. Oprah needs your book!

Betty B.
Berrien Springs, Michigan

Anonymous said...

After reading your book, I realize what a truly remarkable person you are!

Jean R, Columbus, Ohio

St. Petersburg, FL said...

It is a wonderful heart-warming book. I loved it. It made me cry, smile, reflect on my own life past and present. It was just so real. Thank you for sharing it with me.

A reader in St. Petersburg, FL

Berrien Springs said...

Thank-you for the book. I reveived it yesterday and I'm loving it so far.


Bill (Linda's Brother) said...

We got your book yesterday. Thank-you very much. I have read the first chapter already but can not read no more because Fran started to read the book and I can't get it away from her! She just finished it and wanted me to tell you BRAVO very good job.

Love, Bill

Sandy (linda's sister) said...

I cry everytime I read it, but every word is true!

A reader in Maryland said...

How come I haven't seen this book on Oprah?

eBay buyer said...

A real page-turner...Send it to Oprah.

Journal Era reader in Berrien springs said...

Your book made a difference to me. I'm going to take some steps in my life.

Polly from Michigan said...

You should charge more for the book. It's worth it.

Katy said...

We received our books today, and I'm thrilled at how professional and interesting they turned out! I love the combination of photos, poetry, and information about people I love. Wonderful job Mama Linda!

Love, Katy

Katy said...

Oooooh, I like the new graphic! Pretty!


Anonymous said...

Linda, I've been enjoying you book in my "spare" time! I need another vacation so I can read it un-interrupted hehe. So far, it is really a remarkable story and I can see why you are such a strong woman today!