July 16, 2008


I'm 57 years-old and getting ready to go back to college!

Yesterday was one of my biggest days getting 'ready' for the RN program that starts October 6, 2008 and finishes December 20, 2009. At 2 p.m. yesterday I had a meeting with my advisor, Candice T. She was expecting receipts showing I'd had a drug test (urine) and background check (fingerprinting). The paperwork for financial aid was done using our 1040 from last year and a letter of support was promised from Teresa L. (Thank-you soooo much.)

They got copies of my drivers license, medical insurance, social security card, current CPR card and current TB test (2-step). Actually, there was a whole page of single spaced "lists" of information they needed. GED results (from 1969!), practical nursing transcripts from my school that is now closed! and (oh yeah), my current LPN license!

Tomorrow is the doctor's appointment to get blood drawn for 'titers' to see what immunizations I need (even if I think the shots are harmful to my body) and a completed "physical" that says I can lift 40 pounds and work long hours on my feet. I've decided to quit fighting against the immunizations because if I choose to do nursing, it's part of the package!

Early yesterday morning I mapped out my route for the day starting with the drug testing station close to home and then going downtown to the (massive!) Columbus Police Station for the FBI and background check. Then back to the library to make hideous amounts of copies and a swing back home to freshen up before my 2 p.m. appointment with Candice whose birthday is today!

I took her a small gift basket that delighted her no end! Mostly, I think, because she didn't expect me to remember it was her birthday.

At the front desk, the receptionist (who has assisted me several times) asked if I had been there before. "Enough to know that tomorrow is Candice's birthday" I said as I was ushered right in.

After that it was the dreaded financial aid's office. She also asked me my name even though I sat in front of her last week. (But that's okay. I can't remember names or faces very well.) After handing her the worksheets Jim had filled out for me, she entered some numbers into her computer so fast that her fingers seemed to fly over the keys. She quickly showed me the results. (That I'm very happy with.)

I can get $19,000 in Stafford Loans and must pay $5,000 during the 14 months I'm in school that comes to about $350/mo. (No interest). Of course, I'm indebted to "Uncle Sam" that $19,000 after I finish. (Total cost of the course including textbooks and uniforms is just about $24,000.)

I'm searching the Internet and anyplace I can to find additional scholarships for nurses. I know there must be a LOT out there.

Also, I'm looking for volunteers (your assignment) to ask around and/or search for scholarships that might apply to me. If you'd send me the link(s) or information, I'll check them out and/or apply for them.

Jim is better. (Big Smile). He's been back to work the last two days (not smiling as much as I am). When he's home, he has to rest a lot but we're thankful that he can at least walk about and go 'back' to work.

I'm picking up some extra nursing hours (that doesn't seem much like work) while I can. The nurse who usually works on my days off is going to be gone for a couple weeks so I offered to pick up most of the hours and my company said "sure".

Wish we could all gather around a big ole campfire tonight. Tell stories (for those who are storytellers) play music and sit quietly in the night. Well, we can dream of it and be encouraged.

Take Care on the Journey,


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Bringer of Peace said...

I'm proud of you for making the commitment to go on to get your RN. May our God grant you 'traveling mercies' and a large measure of His Spirit of Wisdom.

As much as I have enjoyed doing home care for folks I couldn't come to the point where I could 'accept' the 'package', as you mentioned. Go for it though. I believe you can do it and may it bring you continued happiness.

I hadn't heard that Jim was 'under the weather'. Glad he is doing better. That in itself would not be easy anytime but especially when you are going through all the preparations for 'nursing school'.

God bless.

Your are special!

Love you,

Katy said...

Hi Mama linda,

Oy, all those errands and copies! It makes me tired just hearing about them. :)

Good for you for getting it all done and not procrastinating. Drudgerous work like that can take forever if you let it drag out!