May 23, 2007

Leave The Change in The Pop Machine

..Or any other Random Act of Kindness...

The other day I needed help with something and a young man came walking by. "Oh good, just in time," I said to myself. But, he walked on deep in his troubled thoughts as evidenced by the frown on his face as he passed by.

Funny how I cannot remember for the life of me what I needed help with just then. Perhaps a large box I was moving. It was difficult for me, but would have been so simple for the young man to quickly and kindly help me with.

Maybe that was made to happen in my 'Karma Universe' because it made me think about how long it's been since I practiced something that always brings me (and others) joy....That Random Act of Kindness where there is no expectation of reward.

I recall that my youngest son enjoys doing that once in a while. Sometimes to one of his students or a co-worker or simply a stranger he meets on life's journey. I can tell when he's been up to his acts of kindness because it shines in his eyes and hides in his voice!

That's my message for today. Let's see how many different kinds of unexpected helpful things we can share tomorrow - and days to follow. I think it will change our "heart song" during the business and toil of our everyday life.


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The Cat's Meow said...

Yea, its nice to do acts of kindness, even when someone takes advantage of your kindness.
Yesterday Cindy & I was thrift store shopping and was in a long line,it was Wacky Wednesday half- off everything)the lady behind me had only one item so I ahead of me, all was good. Then we went to another store and we let another lady ahead of us, again one item, then she calls her friend over and they had the cashier open up the jewelry and start looking at each piece!!!!! Instead of getting upset, we joined right in. I ended up buying a Giraffe pin. All in all we had a GREAT day. So be kind and have a fun.