May 20, 2007

Rush-Limbaugh and Me

The other day I was listening to Rush as I waited the 30 seconds for the news to come on. The program topic related to his numerous failed marriages and who he would select as wife #7 (or close to that number) if he got married again.

(Suggestion #1, If you are a married man, don't act like this.)

What is of interest to this story is his reflection that maybe he is more devoted to his radio show than he has been to any woman and that's why he doesn't stay married - although he says he really would like a good women by his side.

"I spend every waking minute thinking about what I will do on this show," he said. (Or something like that.)

Now jumping to a completely different but somewhat related subject, I've been reading a posting over at Clayfeet. His posting, "Reading the Unread" is so long that I'm sure most of you would not read the whole thing. (It has taken me several tries.) But he questions why we blog and why we might go back and re-read what we have written.

I've asked myself the same question a few times, and others have rather bluntly pushed the question to me many times!

"Linda, Why put your private thoughts and personal information out on the web for the whole world to read? Are you crazy?"

Actually and respectfully, I'm quite normal. That is the whole message of my website.

Strangely, while people laugh behind their hands at someone who keeps a diary, many would take a peek at it in a heartbeat if given the opportunity! As a lifelong 'diary keeper', I can attest that to be true. Like the cow coming in for milking every evening and the rooster crowing at sunrise, people by nature will peek into diaries left unlocked on the bedside table. (Actually, most of my 'locked' diaries were eventually mysteriously broken into and 'unlocked'.) People are innately interested in what goes on in other people's heads!

Like Rush (but not as obsessed with it), I often think about what I'll post here at Dusty Angels. I think of my readers as my invisible friends. I want to give something that you can relate to. I'm reaching out in hopes that when you have 'peeked' into my life, you will find that we are often a lot alike. We do the same things. Encounter the same obstacles. Fight the same demons. Share the same joys. We are not alone.

I have two sayings that are "for sure". "Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated. No one really wants to be alone."

I have tested that time and time again, and it always comes back to a "for sure' even if at first it doesn't seem that way.

After all the questions and explaining that Clayfeet does so thoroughly, I think it comes down to the one answer.

If you feel loved and appreciated, you will come back for a peek because it means you are not alone.

Okay, lights out time for tonight.

Take Care on the Journey,


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