June 20, 2007

I've Been Tagged! You're Next!

I have been tagged as “it” in the world of web blogging. This seems to be a very interesting game being enjoyed by various bloggers who are expected, when tagged, to publish eight random facts about themselves on their blog page and then tag eight more people who in turn become “it”.

The blogger who tagged me (as one of his eight) is "clayfootsteps". I'm one of only a few, I suspect, who read his entire postings - even if it takes me several days! If you enjoy an honest, thought-provoking spiritual message, keep his site in your favorites.

When I told my husband about being tagged, he smiled slowly and shook his head, fearful that I’d spill too much personal baggage on the floor of these pages – as those close to me sometimes complain that I do anyway!

Perhaps I’ll surprise you. Since most of those who read my posting are family and friends, maybe I can tell you some interesting things about myself that even you didn’t know. "My long-time friend "Clayfeet” posted some tid-bits that I’d almost forgotten over the years!

I must list eight things about myself? Where are those cut and paste questions?

1) My naturally curly hair is okay by me. I never wanted to straighten it.

2) Ask me what time it is day or night and I’ll tell you within 5 minutes – Without looking at my watch.

3) It looks like I’m left-handed but writing and eating are the only things I do well with my left hand. Everything else is right-handed.

4) I’ve had four last names in my lifetime, but I’ve been married only twice.

5) On 9/11, I didn’t know what the twin towers were even though I was born in NYC, and a favorite picture of my sister who lived on Staten Island, has them pictured in the background.

6) My shoe size and ring size are the same size. (71/2).

7) I’m not afraid of spiders, mice or snakes but I won’t look at a worm!

8) Allie-Allie-In-Free. (Remember that?)
And my "winners" are:

She won't like this until she gets into it. Then get ready to laugh until your sides hurt.

After this one, I had to do it the hard way and search "next blog" until I found eight that I think are clean and family-oriented. This took me hours, and I will leave a posting on each site that they've been tagged! Hope it works.

"Chuck" Is he a teacher?

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Afghanistan News

NY to Alaska

(And don't do this to me again :)


Anonymous said...

OMG! You used the 'next blog' feature? I guess it took forever eh?

Thanks for the tag - I haven't been tagged with this one yet, so I'll get to it first thing in the morning!

Nice to 'meet' you :-)

Mountain Laurel said...

It seems I do most everything in life the hard way...But more lessons learned.
I'm looking forward to 'meeting' you.