June 20, 2007

Mascunana Printing Company, Ybor City, Florida

The front of the former Mascunana Printing Company, 1308 Broadway, Ybor City, Florida, as it looks today
The past looks the same? The back door to the Mascunana Printing Company. Photos taken June 19, 2007,

Linda & Sandra enjoy reflective moments in Ybor City, Florida on June 19, 2007. This spot is where we used to play behind the Mascunana Printing Company at 1308 Broadway (now 7th Ave.) when we were little girls (About 1960). Sandy remembered the fence and Cuban Dedication as we passed by on the trolly car a couple days before! A search of the city directories at the Tampa Library confirmed that she was right! I tried to go back in my mind more than 45 years ago, but nothing would flicker to reward me with memories of that long ago childhood place.

I'll be posing more pictures and information about the Mascunana Printing Company owned by Manuel and Joaquin Mascunana that flourished in Ybor City, Florida from at least 1922 to 1960
I'm asking my sister to post these same picture on her website, because I think you can click on her originals for an enlargement. I downloaded these pictures and they stay small.

As I compile more pictures here on this website, please click HERE to see my sister's website posting titled, "Linda Left!!!" for pictures of us standing by the portrait of Jorge Mascunana - our step-grandfather who legally adopted us. His wife (our grandmother) was Carolyn Mascunana. Our family is portrayed in my book, "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries".

Take Care on the Journey,


Sharon (Mascunana) Anderer said...

I was searching my father's name and came up by your pictures. Joaquin Mascunana was my great grandfather, who my father was names after. I didn't know about Mascunana Printing until a geneology project my son did for school two years ago. Did you know my father and his sister Grace and Mary?

Linda J. Meikle (Former Linda Cash) said...

Hi Sharon,
I hope you get this response because so far, I can't find a way to contact you.

Yes, we knew Grace and Mary well. One had a little girl named Irene who came to the Mascunana house in Tampa with her mom (either Grace or Mary). She had a brother or two. Grace or Mary also had a son named Kenny.

Actually, you will find lots of personal Mascunana information in my memoir, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries. Go to the link on amazon and click to 'read inside the book' and type "joaquin" for the chapter that I describe the Mascunana family.

Please email me at bestnurse@usa.com when you get this.