July 25, 2007

News of Note

I hope this finds everyone in cyberspace looking forward and upward. (I had typed "upward and forward" but don't want you to stumble and fall down.) We're going through the computer crash again (some parts of our computer are too old) so I'm at the library typing. That means a loss of all my "FAVORITES", although I don't think I lost much in documents this time.

My mom had a pleasant visit as you can tell from the pictures. She said it was nice to get away for a few days and relax with us. She even made it up and down the steps more times than we had expected!

Youngest son and wife are making some "big steps" in that he has accepted a fine new teaching job about 1,000 miles from where they presently reside, so many little steps to make this move happen are taking place yesterday and today! We're proud of this new development for them! I've been extra busy gleaning information of apartment living and adding my 2-cents worth whenever I can!
My hour is almost up. I just got a 10-minute notice. Funny how time flies when you're having fun!
SARA (or is it SARAH) from the 'school', if you read this, click on comments at the end and leave me a message, or go to your email and write me at lindasbook (at) usa.com (Add the @-sign).
Take Care on the Journey,

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