July 26, 2007

"Norton Security Is A Very Bad Choice"

...At least that is what the tech guy at Best Buy told me when I asked him the difference between Norton 360 and the 'plain box Norton'.

Adding another bit of unsolicited advice, he suggested we look into TREND Micro - although at that particular store, TREND Micro was out of stock.

Our Norton expires in three days. And strikingly, our computer was sitting at home 'crashed' and useless for the third time this year! If hubby didn't have special tools and magic disks, we would looking for a new computer instead of updating our security system.

I immediately used the advantage instant cell phone technology to confer with my techno-savvy hubby who told me to hold off on the purchase until he could research this product.

TREND Micro PC-cillin. (Hey, Penicillin - right?) I was interested due to the fact that Norton appears to have 'left the door open" on us several times.

During the afternoon, hubby did some internet researching and was surprised to find favorable reviews at his trusted 'review' sites. So we went to another Best Buy last night and made the switch (for $20 LESS than Norton). All programs have been re-installed and we're up and running again. Time will tell if this is better, but somehow I feel like this program is more smooth and reliable. It seems more professional to me.

In other matters, plans are for me to help with driving youngest son and his wife to Columbia, South Carolina next Tuesday - Thursday. July 31 - August 1. (For family members reading this - remember that August 1 is their wedding anniversary). I'll fly back from Charlotte, NC on Thursday, August 2.

In the meantime, I'm doing a 50th anniversary photo shoot near Springfield on Saturday and working private duty nursing 12 hours on Sunday and going to the Columbus Zoo with a group of Special Needs kids on Monday! (Hello Jack Hanna)

I'm working on thoughts for another little posting titled "Golden Opportunities - Do They Always Make You Rich?" Maybe I can post it before I leave town.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Clay Feet said...

I will also confirm that Trend is likely a much better choice. It was highly recommended to me over Norton and I made the switch some time ago, although I was not as happy with this years edition as I was with last year's.
Hey, if you are coming up to drive with your son give me a buzz and maybe we can see each other for some time.