August 9, 2007

Hello Columbus, Ohio

The Columbus, Ohio skyline that most people love to see. Jim used to work in the small white building at the foot of the tallest building. His office overlooked the river. They moved the State Library to another building and made this a courthouse!

It's hot and stormy this afternoon. Here are my thoughts in pictures.
I'm filling in a few days nursing at the MRDD workshop for special needs adults. As usual, I love my work there and the interaction with staff. I'm hoping several staff from the workshop will find my website, so I send greetings to Ed, Debbie, Kim and others who may browse by. Please feel free to click 'comments' at the end and add your hi back. (You can sign-in as anonymous if you don't have an account.)

I saw on CNN where it's 104 degrees in "Columbia, South Carolina" today. That's where youngest son and his wife just relocated to. That was a good enough excuse to call and see how they are doing. Yep, it's hot, reported my son, but his school is cool and their apartment is very cool. "It's just those few minutes when you first get into the car, " he said.

At the website of my other daughter-in-law in Portland, Oregon she says it's also 100+ there! They are tolerating the heat ok too - including Mittens the cat! No word of the sister cat, Sylvia, how she handles the heat. But, all of them can run to the basement and sortof cool off.

Our computer had a brief meltdown again. We couldn't get on the Internet. We think it was the result of trying to download Adobe. Our server said the IP address got 'confused' and after 24 hours, they figured out how to reset it and got us back online. I really hate it when out computer is down. We do have a nice laptop but I've been cautious about linking it to the Internet with all the virus and spywear. We think Trend Micro is working very well, though. It seems to be downloading most every day!

I'm anxious for it to cool off a little so I can continue to work on my little photography studio. I'd love to start taking portraits there in the fall. Surely I'll find someone out there who would like a nice portrait of the kids and/or the pets. My ideas include some pretty colorful backdrops and use of props of which we have lots and lots from the previous studios.

Someone at the workshop has given me information on a woman's chapter called, "Women With A Call International, Inc." I'm excited to find out more about this group of women who want to make a difference. I've located some interesting information about it on the Internet and plan to meet "Ann" and attend a meeting here in Columbus this month! Wish me well!!!

Hopefully, someone reading this will leave me a little comment. What has happened to all my frequent commenter's? Too hot for the computer, maybe?

But, whoever and where ever you are, remember you are loved.

Take Care on the Journey,


Katy said...

Hi Mama Linda,
For once my browser isn't going crazy as I try to comment. What a relief!
I've been reading faithfully so my silence is because of weird computer actions- something you know about!
I think the blog entry you read on my site is outdated, because it's in the 60s-70s today. It's been a wonderfully cool summer, thank goodness.

Good luck at the new meeting and finding time to set up your new studio. I'm glad you're having some job satisfaction, too. And your lasagna sounded delicious!


Mountain Laurel said...

Hi Katy,

Thanks for the note - and for giving us the correct spelling of lasagna :) (I even looked it up on the online dictionary!)

I'm glad to hear the weather is getting better in time for my trip there! Can't wait.

See you soon,
Love, Mama Linda

Clay Feet said...

Glad to hear son got settled well and is enjoying new home even in the heat. I enjoyed the time I got while we loaded the truck together. Even got to chat with his grandpa briefly.
I am using Trend software too. Recently someone told me they had a much better one but I promptly forgot the name as well as who told me.

The Cat's Meow said...

The correct spelling is "Lasagne" (E not A)or at least thats how its spelled on the box,but spell check spells it with an "A". It does look good. I use the lasagne noodles that doesn't have to be pre cooked.
Its hot here, 99, so I just stay in the AC. We have rain almost evey evening and that makes for high humidity. It was very cloudy so I didn't get to see the stars falling last night, maybe tonight.
Hi to all!!!
love ya Sandy

Mountain Laurel said...

Maybe IT'S the American spelling or the Italian version, but we'd better spell IT the way IT'S on the BOX at the store, or we might get the wrong thing and spoil my IT.

Love you too,